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Our Gallery-warehouse


During your visit, you will be invited to discover our full range of products in our Gallery-warehouse: a clean, well-lit environment, designed to make your selection process as pleasant as possible. One of our representatives will explain you the best way to use the place so you can find your way around easily.

We have carefully identified each of the stones we keep in stock. On each one of them you will find a clear label describing the product and its classification according to our 4 price groups.

If you want to see a particular stone or if you are looking for a specific color, ask one of our customer service representatives. They will guide you around or take you directly to the stone you are looking for. We understand that in some cases you may want to see slabs that are covered by other ones. In those circumstances we are more than willing to move a slab around so you can see the one you are interested in.

If you are undecided or want find inspiration, we recommend that you browse the aisles to discover the perfect stone for your project: you will be surprised! Be sure that our customer service representatives will remain available at all times to answer your questions.

Enjoy your visit!