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Santamargherita CARNIA

New Age Granite & Marble is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Santamargherita quartz in Eastern Canada. Crafted in Italy, all the Santamargherita quartz slabs are made with the highest quality resins and carefully selected minerals. 

Being a man-made product, quartz can only be as good as its manufacturing standards are. In this respect, Santamargherita stands out with one of the highest quality products in its industry.

Produced with Breton technology (the company that invented engineered stone in the 70’s), the result is a product with perfectly calibrated colours and an outstanding finish. Santamargherita’s high standards are a testament of the company’s willingness to maintain the leading position in terms of quality, design and innovation.

Santamargherita CORDA


 Santamargherita once again leads the way by introducing the “Concreto” series. This unique collection offers nothing less than all of the aesthetic qualities of raw concrete combined with all the prized qualities of Santamargherita quartz.

Santamargherita CONCRETO GREY

This innovative collection finds no comparison in the market and demonstrates once again how Santamargherita intends to lead the way in terms of quality and good design. 

Santamargherita CONCRETO GREY


 The Concreto series is offered in 4 different color shades and since each slab is unique, it is important to pay a visit to out gallery-warehouse to select the exact slab(s) for your project.