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Lapitec awarded the Greenguard certification

Published by Surfaces at 17:00.

The full-body sintered stone obtains an important international certification awarded by UL environment. The institute’s mission is to protect human health, improving indoor air by reducing people’s exposure to chemicals. The numerous severe tests on samples of sintered stone have proved that Lapitec® is a material that does not emit pollutants, can be used in sustainable […]

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Lapitec’s versatility

Published by Surfaces at 16:36.

 At first glance, Lapitec appears as a refined material with fascinating tactile qualities. These qualities are certainly important but it is worth to know more about the true potential of Lapitec to really understand the enthusiasm it generates in the eyes of architects and designers. First, it is important to recall the 100% mineral composition […]

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The look of concrete, without the issues

Published by Surfaces at 14:12.

In recent years concrete has become an option considered by many home owners to build their kitchen countertops. This trend is proposing to install a surface having imperfections and noticeable variations in the color of the counterop. These elements once considered as “defects” have become desirable aesthetically and are now appreciated for the texture they […]

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Details on Lapitec

Published by Surfaces at 11:27.

Lapitec® is obtained by transforming a unique blend of selected minerals using proprietary technologies and processes developed by the Italian company Breton SpA – a world leader in the design and production of machinery and facilities dedicated to the natural stone and machining industries. Lapitec® is therefore neither a naturally occurring stone nor quartz (which […]

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