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Maintenance products

All Purpose Cleaner N313

Multi-purpose cleaner designed for regular cleaning of countertops and backsplashes. Ideal for granite, marble, slate, limestone and quartz composite.

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Extra Strength Cleaner PD1010

Formula designed for deep cleaning of granite, marble, limestone, slate and quartz composite. Removes wax buildup, sealers and water-based finishes water. Also removes residual premixed grout.

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Maintenance Kit (N313 + PS400)

Includes an All Purpose Cleaner (N313), a Penetrating Sealant (PS400) and a TP-350 scouring pad. These products are recommended for use on the surfaces of the Concreto series of SantaMargherita® quartz. These products are also recommended for the maintenance of granite, marble, limestone and slate.

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Nanotech sealer enhances color-PS570

Advanced formula using nanotechnology designed for maximum enhancement of color. Gives a wet look without gloss. Recommended for use on granite, marble, slate, composite quartz, limestone, ceramic and porcelain. Can be used on dense surfaces whether they are, polished, honed or textured. For indoor and outdoor applications.

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Penetrating Sealer Microtech PS400

Advanced water-based formula using micro-technology designed so it will not alter the aesthetics of stones such as granite, quartz composite, marble, limestone and slate. Particularly effective on polished or honed surfaces. Leaves no apparent film on surfaces. For indoor and outdoor applications.

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