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Details on Lapitec

Published by Surfaces at 11:27.


Lapitec® is obtained by transforming a unique blend of selected minerals using proprietary technologies and processes developed by the Italian company Breton SpA – a world leader in the design and production of machinery and facilities dedicated to the natural stone and machining industries. Lapitec® is therefore neither a naturally occurring stone nor quartz (which contains a percentage of synthetic resin) or porcelain. This exciting new material actually defines a new product category called “sintered stones.” Here are some important facts to know about Lapitec®:

  • Lapitec® is produced in very large slabs (150cm x 340cm or 133.8 “x 59”) in thicknesses of 12, 20 and 30 mm.
  • The surface of Lapitec® is completely devoid of porosity and therefore completely non-absorbent. It is stain resistant, easy to clean and absolutely inhospitable to mold and bacteria. These qualities make it perfectly suited for applications where its surface is expected to be in contact with food and liquids.
  • Unlike other “man-made” stone products, Lapitec® has an exceptional resistance to impact, abrasion and UV rays. Its surfaces will not deteriorate or be altered over time as they are insensitive to weather and atmospheric conditions. These qualities make it a suitable product for an impressive range of applications even for the outdoors.



Lapitec® is a unique new product brought to eastern Canada exclusively by Surfaces. Consult our opening hours and plan a visit to our gallery-warehouse to admire and feel it for yourself.