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The look of concrete, without the issues

Published by Surfaces at 14:12.

In recent years concrete has become an option considered by many home owners to build their kitchen countertops. This trend is proposing to install a surface having imperfections and noticeable variations in the color of the counterop. These elements once considered as “defects” have become desirable aesthetically and are now appreciated for the texture they bring to designs that can otherwise seem a little too perfect and without character.

It is important to know concerning the use of concrete to make kitchen countertops is that this material comes accompanied by a number of issues primarily related to the maintenance and aging of the surface. According to the experience reported by several home owners and people in the industry, we must recognize that a concrete surface remains easy to damage. Used as a working surface, concrete will quickly start showing superficial scratches, marks and stains that can be difficult to remove. Experience shows that the occurrence of micro-cracks is also a common problem with concrete countertops, an issue that seems inevitable in the long term.

The Italian company Santamargherita, pioneer in the engineered stone industry, has recognized the growing interest for raw concrete surfaces as well as its weaknesses of concrete and has successfully developed a surface that can advantageously replace it.

With its “Concreto” series, Santamargherita now makes it possible for designers, architects and homeowners to bring the aesthetic qualities of the raw concrete to their projects while eliminating the all the technical issues associated with it.


Santamargherita’s “Concreto” surfaces are available in 4 beautiful natural shades that evoke raw concrete with a disconcerting level of realism. Non-porous and resistant to scratches these matte finish surfaces offer nothing less than the notorious durability of quartz while preserving the natural and raw look of a concrete surface that would have been poured on-site.

Available exclusively at Surfaces, each slab of Santamargherita’s “Concreto” is unique, for that we invite you to visit our Warehouse-Gallery to take a look at this rich and innovative material.